About Us

Endless SUP Company
As the sport of stand up paddling grows, our goal at the Endless SUP Company continues to be providing our clients with the tools and resources needed to join the paddling community and enjoy the water with the right gear and knowledge.
The Endless SUP Company was established in 2013 by Bill Medler, former FDNY and ocean lifeguard for over 20 years. Since then we have been expanding our business and currently offer SUP rentals, lessons, yoga classes and a variety of other events to suit everyone in your group. We are the pioneers of the Paddle and Pour tour, a paddle crawl to watering holes including 9th Avenue Pier, Marina Grille and Kleins on the Shark River. Our instructors are all WPA and CPR certified. We are invested in the sport of stand up paddling and making sure that your experience on the water is a positive one!
Our shop is always open at Endlesssupcompany.com where you can purchase equipment and gear online year-round.
We welcome you to the Endless SUP Company family and hope you enjoy your experience. With all your paddling needs under one roof, we have something for everyone.
-The Endless SUP Company Team