Answers to all of your SUP questions regarding on the water programs, gear, and equipment.

Paddlers under the Shark River Bridge

1.) Where do I go for rentals, lessons, and classes?

All of our on-the-water activities take place at L Street Bathing Beach in Belmar, NJ. Free parking is available in the Belmar Marina and Maclearie Park lots. Our tent is on the corner of L Street and Route 35, River Road.  


2.) What is included in the price of a rental, lesson or class?

All of our activities include a stand-up paddleboard, personal flotation device (PFD), paddle and leash. We have youth size boards, paddles, and PFDs available as well for our young paddlers. 


3.) Do I have to register in advance or can I arrive at L Street beach to reserve on the spot?

We highly suggest you reserve your SUP experience online at endlesssupcompany.com in advance. Belmar can get very busy during the summer months, especially on weekends. We cannot guarantee a board will be available if you walk-up. 


4.) What are accepted forms of payment? Do I have to bring cash?

We accepted cash and credit cards. Please be mindful that we hold a credit card number on file for the duration of your rental, lesson or class. If you are paying with cash, you must still leave a credit card on file with us. 


5.) What is a Paddle-N-Pour?

There is no better way to experience Belmar and its great restaurants and drinking holes than on the water. Our Paddle-N-Pours take you and your friends up to the docks of some of the most popular Shark River establishments for beverages and conversation! Your tour is led by an experience WPA/CPR certified instructor. Stops can include Marina Grille, 9th Avenue Pier, Kleins, Strollos and more depending on conditions and experience level of group members. 


6.) Are your instructors experienced and certified? 

All of our instructors are certified through the World Paddle Association and the Red Cross. Many of our instructors are also teachers in NJ public schools. Instructors in our special needs classes hold K-12 special education certifications in addition to their CPR and WPA certifications. 


7.) Do I have to have experience with yoga to take a class?

No! Our yoga instructors are some of the best in the area and work with all different experience levels. Bring a friend or join solo for one of our morning or evening classes on the Shark River. The waters are calm and we promise you will be hooked! 


8.) Your address says 809 Main Street but I see your tent at L Street. Where do I go?

Our brick and mortar store is located at 809 Main Street in Belmar. We carry boards, paddles, accessories, gear & equipment, clothing, men's and women's bathing suits, flip-flops, beach necessities and more. Stop in before or after your time on the water. 


9.) What is the difference between a rental and a lesson? 

Rentals include the board, paddle, PFD, leash, and safety briefing. From there, the time is yours. Explore the Shark River's marshes, wildlife, and surrounding restaurants or paddle down to the Inlet Bridge and watch the fishing boats pass through. 

Lessons include the board, paddle, PFD, leash and one-on-one instruction with one of our WPA & CPR certified guides. We can tailor your lesson to meet your goals. Whether it's your first time on a board or you're an advanced paddler looking for more tips and tricks, we will make sure you leave feeling confident and successful on the water. 


10.) I'm addicted to this now and want a board! What do I do and where do I start?

Congratulations! Like us, you have found out what makes SUP so enjoyable. There are many different styles of stand up paddleboards out there for various experiences, levels, price points and preferences. The best place to start is by stopping in our shop. You will get to see our large variety of boards in different sizes, colors, and setups to fit your needs. We carry boards for your ocean, touring, yoga, beginner, racing and surf experiences. Our dedicated staff will make sure you leave feeling knowledgeable about your purchase and ready to tackle the water. Want a specific board but don't see it online or in the shop? We can order it for you too!