Glide o2 Inflatable Float Yoga/fitness board
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Glide o2 Inflatable Float Yoga/fitness board

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With the rapidly growing SUP industry comes a desire to practice floating fitness everywhere - not just in open water. Introducing the Glide FitFloat, the perfect solution for aquatic floating fitness. Designed for indoor and outdoor pools, this unique floating fitness mat enables gyms, resorts, recreation centers, and paddle enthusiasts to get all the benefits of core stabilization and the challenge of instability with a smaller, more portable board option. Our FitFloat is designed for floating yoga, pilates, and high intensity interval training, and built with the same high quality standards that you’ve come to expect from Glide products.


Extra large brush finished pad for comfort and grip

15psi and 6” drop stitch core for ultra stability

Designed to fit between standard swimming pool lanes

Extremely lightweight and easy to store




Length Width Thickness
7'8" 35.5" 6"


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